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We advise in all areas of the corporate field, carrying out the incorporation and dissolution of companies, defense of the rights of the company and its partners, preparation and drafting of corporate agreements, legal follow-up and support of family businesses, management of required corporate books, and any other actions of corporate nature that the company, its management bodies and partners might need.

We specialize in in-house consulting, bookkeeping, partners relationships, general meetings development, legal defense in court, responsibility of management bodies, formalization of documents and management before Spanish public registries.

We provide global advice to the corporate bodies within the companies, particularly to directors and managers in their ordinary management, as well as in general meetings and any other corporate organic action, offering security and guarantees to partners in the scope of the corporate interest and to directors in the avoidance of possible liabilities.

Startups and entrepreneurs

We advise numerous startups and entrepreneurs who begin the setting up of their businesses. Therefore, we provide comprehensive legal advice in the initial stages, determining, among others, which structure is best suited to the project, elaborating investment contracts, partner agreements and financing rounds, and additionally articulating partners exit procedures, or divestitures in the company.


We provide business consulting and legal advice in the analysis, negotiation and drafting of all types of corporate agreements, such as sales and purchases, associative agreements, financing, financial management, commercial guarantees, intermediation, as well as any other type of agreement in this field, accompanying the client in all phases of the negotiation until its closing, providing a global approach, including taxation.


We handle actions related to bankruptcy and business crisis, corporate restructuring and insolvency proceedings, including second chance mechanisms (“Segunda Oportunidad”).

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

We advise and assist in the formalization of company acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, spin-offs, exchanges of securities and other corporate restructurings, in all phases of the process: creation of the structure of the operation, preliminary deals, due diligence, agreements of the management body and partners, formalization of agreements, submitting the operation with official registries until its complete registration and communications to the Spanish public administration, when needed.


We offer legal assistance and representation in judicial proceedings or alternative instruments, by means of personalized, agile and specialized advice in all types of corporate, civil, labor, public law and criminal litigation matters.

Labor and Employment

We advise companies and individuals on dismissal proceedings, hiring and contract modification, sanctions, collective bargaining, employment regulation proceedings, labor inspection, occupational risk prevention, disability or litigation.

We also assist companies, professionals and individuals in the labor field: preparation and presentation of employment contracts, preparation of payrolls, registration and deregistration in the relevant Spanish public administration (“Seguridad Social”), registration of self-employed or freelance workers or any other special regime, dismissals and their defense before mediation services or courts.

We have broad experience in processing employment regulation files (“Expedientes de regulación de empleo”), advice in conflict situations, application of collective bargaining agreements, planning and materialization of company successions and resolution of disputes in trade union matters.

Taxation and Accounting

Comprehensive advice on tax matters, both to companies and professionals. Preparation and filing of tax returns, information on regulatory compliance, technical and legal assistance before tax inspections, value checks or penalties for tax violations.

We carry out the accounting of companies and professionals, in coordination with the internal teams or external auditors of each client, in accordance with the Spanish General Accounting Plan (“Plan General Contable”), including the preparation and legalization of official books and the filing of accounts with the Commercial Registry.

Real estate and town planning

Comprehensive legal advice in the urban and real estate field: planning, management and urban discipline; real estate transactions, segregations, groupings, joint ventures, horizontal division; sales and purchases, leases, construction and financing contracts.

We have extensive experience in approvals and modifications of urban planning, constitution and management of compensation boards (“Juntas de Compensación”) and other collaborating entities, drafting and approval of reparcelling projects.

Public Law

We conduct the defense of clients in public law proceedings, including the legal direction in contentious administrative proceedings before the courts.

We provide comprehensive advice in their relationship with the Spanish Administration, intervening in all types of proceedings, such as town planning licenses, management and town planning procedures, sanctioning proceedings, expropriation proceedings, etc.